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1955 Cessna 180 Engine-Continental O-520, Garmin GTN-650 & two Garmin G5s, Wing Extensions, Leading Edge Cuff, VGs on the wings, Four-place with FAtlee Dodge rear jump seats, aircraft used on Bushwheels, regular wheels, and Wheel-Skis-Instruction, Instrument ratings.


Piper Super Cub Lycoming O-320-160 H.P. long ailerons, P-STOL flaps, Squared wing tips, 35 inch Bushwheels

N8976D Piper Super Cub


Piper Super Cub Lycoming O-360 180 H.P. regular flaps, 31” Bushwheels, straight floats, squared wingtips

N8976D Piper Super Cub


Piper Super Cub Lycoming O-320 160 H.P, regular flaps-Micro VGs, 35” Bushwheels or Straight Skis round wingtips

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Currently being rebuilt

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Piper Super Cub Lycoming O-320 160 P-STOL flaps, 35” Bushwheels, straight skis, round wing tips,

Special Items for Sale.

Piper Cub Wings

Wings for sale $20,000.00

PA-18 Wings for Sale (not covered) has Wipaire 2000 lb. Gross Weight upgrade

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