ATD Flight Simulator

Elite Simulator Rates

Elite BATD Simulator $60/Hr.

-(must be checked out by an ACME flight instructor to use the simulator)

Why a flight Simulator?

IMG 0115 Acme Elite Sim Training

Acme Cub Training recently added the use of an Elite Flight Simulator to its flight school at Lake Hood Seaplane Base.

The Elite PI-135 is a great tool to augment learning and practicing Instrument flight according to Steve Williams and Terry Cartee who teach students both in the air and on the ground, and now with a state-of-the-art simulator.

IMG 0016

The instructor screen with the aircraft types on the Elite PI-135 Simulator. “Photo Acme Cub”

The Acme Elite has a number of common aircraft types and eleven instrument panel configurations for the use of the FAA Certified Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD). There are two Cessna 182 instrument panels, three King Air, Seneca, and Mooney panels that varies from steam gauges digitals. The simulator has both single engine and twin quadrants for those who fly Beechcraft types.


IMG 0079

Acme Flight Instructor Terry Cartee demonstrates the Elite PI-135 BATD at Acme Cub Training. “Photo Acme Cub”

The Elite has three large monitors for viewing runway and terrain, it also has a glass cockpit with Elite GN GPS and other NexGen navigation equipment, as well as digital flight complex monitoring gauges. The instructor screen can be fitted with an iPad or tablet for changing weather, cloud cover, wind, day, night or twilight and other atmospheric flight conditions. The instructor screen also has commands to fail instruments or create emergency engine out etc. from screens positioned behind the pilot during instruction.

IMG 0060 iPadandPanel Acme Cub Training’s Elite simulator’s GPS syncs with ForeFlite software on an iPad and offers several different views of sectional, IFR plates and terrain. Notice the green, yellow, red altitude levels of terrain awareness in synthetic view. “Photo Acme Cub”

Flight conditions for VFR, inadvertent flight into IMC, IMC, that are linked to the cockpit GNS and can be monitored and synced to the flight being flown on the simulator using Foreflight software on an iPad tablet.

IMG 0115 iPad sim synced GPS

 An iPad sim synced GPS-shows your blue aircraft  on final approach in real time while flying a course on the Acme Elite simulator.  “Photo Acme Cub”

Alaskan aviators know that Instrument proficiency for flying in Alaska is a must. Call today or drop by Acme Cub Training to set up an appointment.

The Elite PI-135 has the advantage of learning valuable necessary IFR procedures with an Acme instructor that include, mountain flying techniques, flight into IMC, emergency responses, and IFR practice flying in real time, or up to 4X your aircraft’s flight speeds.

There is More to Come. . . 


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