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“Acme Cub gives top notch, real world Alaska flight training and not just Cubs by any means. Steve has “been there” and I recommend him to anyone who asks…tail draggers, float planes, ski flying, you name it. As you fly he hits you with tip after tip and his words will ring in your ears later and give the edge.”


Jeff Walker

Seaplanes North

“Steve Williams is a gifted flight instructor who has a knack for teaching his piloting skills and knowledge to his students though generous proportions of praise and encouragement to reinforce what they are doing right and well explained suggestions and illustrations to correct what they are doing wrong. I highly recommend him and plan to continue to use him for further flight training and reviews.”


Super Cub Driver

“I recommend that if your quest involves the ‘license to learn’, schedule an hour or so in the air with a very good instructor, Steven Williams.   Only then, will you witness the important technique of understanding that Steven employs in his instruction.  He knows if you ‘get it’, through his follow up questions, observations, and challenges.  His style gives you the knowledge, that after a lesson,  you really do understand more about your aircraft, and what you can do to be a safer pilot.  I have been an ‘on again / off again’ private pilot for over 30 years, graduating from professional pilot training,  getting the instrument ticket, and now owning a seaplane for several years, so I’ve been up with a lot of instructors!   I’ve learned something from every one of them, but I am looking forward to more of Steven’s input…he has a lot to give in a way that provides knowledge and helps me develop the skills I need to enjoy flying.  “

Kelly Linn

Alaska Dealer Operations Manager Chrysler Group, LLC


3610 Aircraft Drive Unit A Anchorage, AK 99502 Located at Lake Hood Seaplane Base (PALH)

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