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About Acme Cub –

Acme Cub started in 1992 as Ptarmigan Air operating out of Space 801 on the Lake Hood Seaplane Base Commercial Finger. 

Steve sold Ptarmigan air in late December 2003 and flew for Trans Northern in 2004 and switched to Medevac from 2007 through 2010. Williams started Acme Cub Training in 2011 operating float planes from his ACME Shack at Space 801, Lake Hood Seaplane Base.

 In 2019 Acme Cub Training expanded as a full service for Bush and off airport Super Cubs and moved into a new hangar at 3610 Airport Drive Unit A, North Side of Lake Hood. 

In addition to instruction, Acme is a full-service maintenance center for annual inspections, modifications, rebuilds and can fix anything you break. We can also do aircraft retrieval, repair and Ferry Flights. 

Acme has flight instructors with decades of combined flight experience and has multiple instructors available for instruction.  All the instructors have flown in the commercial aviation industry.  Acme also has qualified mechanics for a variety of aircraft with dozens of years working in Alaska.

Our team of

top-level professionals

Steve Williams

Steve Williams


With over 17,500 hours of flight time experience Steve has an ATP rating in Multi-Engine Land with Type Ratings for CE-500 and LR- Jet. He is also an FAA Designated Pilot Examiner and a Gold Star Flight Instructor in Single and Multi-Engine Instrument Aircraft, and an Instrument Ground Instructor. In addition to owning and flying light twins, Beaver, Cessna, and Piper aircraft he has given instruction in nearly every model of single engine aircraft on floats and most Bush aircraft on Bushwheels. Additionally Williams is an FAA Certified A&P mechanic with an IA.


Director of security
Certified "Good Boy"

Meet our beloved "Director of Security," the one and only TAZ! With an impeccable sense of timing and a flair for comedic appearances, this four-legged superstar keeps us all in line. Don't let those puppy eyes fool you – they've got a keen nose for quality control and a steadfast commitment to ensuring every takeoff and landing goes off without a hitch. When the runway gets ruff, you can count on our furry friend to wag the tail of safety and fun. Whether it's guarding tools or boosting morale.
TAZ is the paw-sitively perfect addition to our team.

Randy Spohnolz

Wing Builder
Fabric Expert

An Alaskan, Spohnholz graduated from Dimond High School and studied at Sheldon Jackson College is an avid outdoorsman and pilot. Randy has rebuilt or recovered dozens sets of wings while working for Acme Cub Training. Randy is a master craftsman at rib-stitching learned while working on Bud Gurney and Charles Lindbergh’s Curtiss JN-4 Jenny aircraft.

Cody Gamble

Cody Gamble

Flight Instructor
Engine Technician

Palmer, Alaska, shaped Cody Gamble's passion for aviation. His high school stint at Custom Aircraft sparked a lifelong interest in flying and aircraft maintenance. With a B.S. in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ, Cody's education paved the way for his roles as a Certified Flight Instructor and aircraft mechanic. His time at a local part 61 flight school added practical depth to his expertise. Cody's journey is a tribute to his Alaskan upbringing and his unwavering commitment to aircraft excellence.

Brian Moy


Born in Sitka Brian has experience from all over the state as an aircraft mechanic. He first started in Ketchikan at Tequan Air after getting an A&P from Sparks School of Aeronautics in the 1997. From Southeast Alaska he went North to Barrow (Utqiagvik) to work for Cape Smythe Air, later he moved to Anchorage to build DeHavilland Beavers, then to Rust’s Flying Service at Lake Hood, moved St. Mary’s in Western Alaska before moving back to Anchorage. Moy started working for Acme Cub Training in 2017 and enjoys working on Cubs.

Raymond Leroy

Raymond Leroy

Oratex Installer

Raymond Leroy brings a wealth of experience to our team. With a background in aeronautical science and airway management, he's been soaring the skies for over 20 years. Born in Vail, Colorado, and raised in the untamed wilderness of Alaska, Raymond's roots run deep. As a Wilderness outfitter, ex-professional kitesurf competitor, and a former US Alpine ski racer, he's no stranger to adventure. Raymond's journey has been a tapestry of excitement, and he's thrilled to share his passion for aviation and his Piper Cub expertise with you.

Kian Yazdani

Flight Instructor

Kian Yazdani's story began in Southern California, but his heart found its true home in Alaska. Armed with a B.S. in Aeronautical Science from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, Kian's skills have taken him from the mechanics' workshop to the skies. As both a mechanic and a Certified Flight Instructor, he's nurtured his love for aircraft and the great outdoors. His connection to Alaska was solidified during a transformative airplane delivery journey from Phoenix, Arizona. When he's not in the hangar, you'll find Kian fishing and embracing the wild beauty that the Last Frontier offers.

Ethan Barton-Moy

Ethan Moy

Ethan Barton-Moy An Alaskan native through and through, Ethan Barton-Moy's roots are intertwined with the breathtaking landscapes he calls home. With an apprenticeship at ACME CUB nearing its one-year mark, Ethan's sights are set on earning his A&P certification. Working alongside his father and grandfather, his journey is deeply familial. While discovering the intricacies of aircraft maintenance, Ethan has also developed a newfound interest in taking to the skies in super cubs. His dedication to the craft and his dreams is a testament to his Alaskan spirit.

Gary Moy

Facility Parts Runner

Originally from Sitka, Alaska,Gary spent 40 years of his life as a commercial fisherman during the fishing season and worked as an auto mechanic in the winters. Coming from the largest family in Sitka his whole family fished. He has worked at ACME Cub Training for a year as the hangar’s parts runner,does small projects, and cleaning and is the ACME hangar facility organizer. Gary has 22 grandchildren, and four great grandchildren.


Monica Spohnholz


From the heart of Ecuador, Monica Spohnholz's journey led her to the icy landscapes of Alaska. A graduate in fashion design from the University of Textiles in Philadelphia, her story took an unexpected turn when she discovered her love for aviation in the Last Frontier. Embracing the beauty of Alaska alongside her partner, Randy Spohnholz, Monica's role at our flight training and repair shop has fueled her growing passion for airplanes. Through her work, she finds herself connected to the breathtaking vistas of the state, and she's excited to share this beauty with you.